Flying Home for Christmas

The year is nearly over, but not until we’ve decorated our trees, sung a few carols, and stuffed our faces with more turkey and than we know is good for us. For me this year that has meant swapping the Econ girls for the KES girls, flatmates for parents, papernoten for gingerbread, Sinterklaas for Santa Claus, The Village Coffee and Music for Tamper Coffee, my bike for the car, miles of flat streets for the seven hills of Sheffield, and the flood management savvy Netherlands for a flooded UK.

IMG_1533Whitehead family Christmas isn’t complete without my middle sister waking everyone up at the crack of dawn, a trip to the pub, cramming nearly two dozen people round the dining room table, the Christmas quiz, carols, the annual cocktail making competition, a viewing of Love Actually and the boxing day walk. This year also saw the start of what could become a new tradition – Christmas eve hot yoga.

2016 is likely to bring about less change than 2015 but hopefully just as much excitement. I’m looking forward to more visits from English family and friends, exploring more of the Netherlands and the rest of Europe, learning more about Dutch culture and the language too. As one of the only people on my course speaking just one language (or more accurately in the whole of Utrecht), I’ve decided to put more effort into learning the language in the new year.

Until next year,

Tot Ziens!

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