Dear First Year Me

Two years have flown by and with final year about to start I began thinking about everything I’d like to go back and tell myself before I even left, so in case time travel turns out to be possible, here goes;

Dear first year me, 

fruit and vegetables are your friends, eat them to avoid freshers flu

Dear first year me, 

stop taking pictures of canals, they won’t be such a novelty soon and your phone might run out of storage

Dear first year me, 

the ‘freshman 15‘ is real, choose carbs or beer, but not both

Dear first year me, 

try not to hate the second years that tell you to enjoy the freedom of first year, you will soon become them

Dear first year me, 

try not to call mum when you’re feeling homesick, she’ll tell you it’s all going to be ok but really you’re upsetting her

Dear first year me, 

please get a job, your bank account will thank you later

Dear first year me, 

bet on Brexit, it will make you rich (but also sad)

Dear first year me, 

stop delaying signing up for Dutch class, it’s a lovely language

Dear first year me, 

I know you think that everyone else is finding this whole University thing easier than you but trust me, you’re doing great

Sincerely yours, 

Ruth Whitehead, 3rd year student 


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