All Good Things

It’s been a little quiet here recently at ruthgoesdutch, but here it finally is- the last blog of my Utrecht adventure. In a week I will move to Rotterdam to study Marketing Management at Rotterdam School of Management. I hope to carry on blogging while in Rotterdam, but in the meantime here are my reflections on the last three wonderful years.

A-level results came out last week in the UK and I was surprised at how nostalgic I felt hearing the reactions of students across the country over the radio. It seems like only yesterday that I was one of them, and the saying time flies while you’re having fun really rings true here. Having said that, a lot has changed in those three years. Without knowing where to start, the UK decided to leave the EU, I lost a couple of bits of teeth, and the cat I wanted to take with me in first year is no more. On a cheerier note, many good friends have been made, exams have all been passed, my thesis has been completed, and three weeks ago I became an Auntie!

I’ve been reflecting recently on how the stage of life we’re currently at always feels like the most important. This feels especially true through school and university years (i.e. all I’ve ever known).  From GCSE’s to A-levels, Bachelor studies to Masters, I’ve been reminded recently of how important it is to enjoy and make the most of every stage. A cynic might view each as no more than a stepping stone to the next, but in reality I think we are all shaped by the experiences and people that we encounter at every juncture. These experiences are not always easy, and we never get along with everyone, but when I look back on my time in Utrecht I have no doubts that knowing what I do now, I’d do it all again. And when we can say that, we really are blessed.

All good things must come to an end, and while I’ll be sad to leave the city I’ve grown so fond of behind, my year in Rotterdam is still to come and I couldn’t be more excited (as well as a little nervous).





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